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The next generation of mainframe developers

About us

What we're about

Generation z was founded in 2013 by like minded mainframe enthusiasts who wanted to create a community where they can share their passion for the mainframe and technology as a whole. For the next generation of mainframers, the community is driven to create opportunities to meet and chat to other professionals who are newer to the mainframe, see some awesome fresh content, and get involved with discussions on z Systems.

Who are we looking for?

  • Tech Lovers - with under 5 years' experience working on the mainframe
  • Real People - who want a real career that makes a real difference
  • Ambitious Minds - thinking about where their work on z could take them

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The Gen z Workshops

Welcome to the mainframe

"Welcome to the mainframe" workshops are run across the world to foster a sense of community between early professionals who work with mainframes and to motivate them to create innovative projects on the mainframe. Aimed at tech lovers with under 5 years of experience on the mainframe, the workshop offers a 360 degree perspective on IBM z Systems, interactive discussion and thought-provoking activities on the mainframe's place in the modern world, as well as an introduction to the myriad career options available to a new mainframer.

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How can you get involved?

Take part in one of our fun and free one-day zFutures events, designed and run by Generation z members for Generation z members.
  • Gain a 360* perspective on the mainframe
  • Join interactive discussions and thought provoking workshops
  • Discover what career paths exist for those with z skills
  • Meet other like-minded people and grow your network

What your boss needs to know...

Q Why send 'newer to z' employees to a zFutures event?
A Because they'll leave the day with:
  • Insight They'll understand the true power and value of the mainframe
  • Aspiration They'll see that the mainframe offers a career that counts
  • Ideas They'll be inspired to grow their z skills and innovate

Generation z Mentorship Program

Generation z Mentorship is a unique opportunity to be matched with an experienced mainframer to gain one-to-one support, guidance and careers advice into the industry.

What are the benefits?

  • 1-1 careers advice, support and guidance from an experienced professional
  • Develop personal and professional competencies which will set you apart
  • Gain a realistic insight into the industry
  • Networking opportunities, resources and ongiong support from the Generation z community

Who are the mentors?

  • Experienced professionals with more than 5 years working with the mainframe and related technologies
  • Based all over the world
  • Offered to provide one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance into their profession and sector
  • Offered to provide monthly contact via email/Skype or meeting in person

Who can be a mentee?

  • Graduates and professionals who have been working with the mainframe less than 2 years
  • Gen z-ers who are passionate about improving thei skills and would like guidance
  • Gen z-ers who are motivated to improving their prospects and employability
  • Gen z-ers who will contact their mentor at least once a month

How to apply

Simply fill out a form below and sign up to the mentorship program as either a mentor or a mentee!

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More information

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